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Contrary To Popular Belief, You DO Have A Choice...

"Struggle With $3000 A Month Or Have $300,000 Flood Your Bank Account With A Tenth Of The Effort?"

Dear Struggling Internet Entrepreneur,

Just 7 years ago, I was right there in your shoes.

I had spent over $25,000 of my college funds on Internet Marketing 'stuff', and I had absolutely nothing to show for it except a $34.95 check.

Like you, I had big hopes and dreams, but at that time, they all seemed like huge pies in the sky.

You've probably heard all those stories about the gurus having the uncanny ability to generate tens of thousands of dollars at the single push of the button, and I wished that I had that same ability.

If I figured that if I could do that...

  • Financial worries would no longer be existent
  • I'd be able to buy anything I wanted for myself and my loved ones, and price would never be an issue.
  • I'd never have to answer to any 'boss'
  • I'd be able to NOT work, take a vacation whenever I like, and STILL make more money than anyone else
  • I'd be able to spend my time doing the things I like, and pursue other interests

I'm don't know if you have the same thoughts as I did.

These thoughts dominated my every waking moment. I couldn't stop thinking:

"What if..."

"What if..."

"What if..."

Lucky for me, I did finally stumble upon the ultimate key to financial liberation.

Possessing this key, was akin to opening Fort Knox and being able to remove as much as I want from the vault.

Thanks to this key, not only have my dreams turned into my reality, but people everywhere are now hearing stories of MY uncanny ability to generate tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars at the push of a button.

I'm not telling you all this to brag or boast.

I'm telling you all this, because...

The Very Same Key Is Yours To Grab Right Here!

Truth be known, a select group of people have been 'printing money on demand' way before there was ever such a thing as 'software'.

This upper echelon of people are known as copywriters.

Just like the mystical alchemist who apparently transformed worthless metal into gold, these modern day miracle workers performed real alchemy by transforming words on paper into money, on demand and at will!

And now you can do the same thing digitally with web pages and emails.

It's simply amazing.

Over the years people have said a lot of things about the magical power of putting words in print...

Copy moves the world?
Copywriting gives you a license to print money?
It's Magic!

I'm not a big fan of hype, but all of them are true.

Copy moves the world. True, you've got to have a product to sell. But nothing, no matter if it is a regular grade product or a superior product, no, nothing sells until a salesperson promotes it.

That's where you make the money, you know, in the sale. Not in the developing and producing a product. Not in a fancy office. Not in the taxman's bookkeeping staff.

Copywriting gives you a license to print money.

Once copywriting gets hold of you, you literally do have the ability to create money at will. If you're selling your own products or working for clients, a simple new promotion or revival of an old one, can make you money at will.

Need or want more money? Send another email. It's that simple.

It's Magic! Remember the famous 'Abracadabra!' command?

Did you ever wonder what you might do if you suddenly acquired the superhuman ability to command money to appear out of thin air?

That's copywriting.

Yes my friend, it's the words that sell! It's what draws your prospects to you like how a light on a dark night draws moths.

Words have the power to control the whole planet -- and words can influence people, shape and mould beliefs, and possibly change the course of history.

Let's face it, if you want to be a successful marketer, you'll need profit pulling copy for:

Your killer sales letter for your website

A robust order form that will increase the effectiveness of your upsell

Your follow-up autoresponders

Your marketing materials for your affiliates which include solo ads, classifieds, endorsements, etc.

Even if you're an affiliate for someone else, you'll need to be able to rewrite or modify lousy ads that you've been provided with. (All the successful affiliate marketers I know write their own ads!)

Heck, you even need to know the art of how to craft subject lines that get your emails opened!

Suffice to say, I think it's crystal clear why people who are unable to write killer web copy will find it really hard to be able to be successful in Internet Marketing.

These people usually spend thousands of dollars to put themselves at some copywriter's mercy! And when the copy does not pull or convert, they helplessly shell out more of their hard earned money to the copywriter, hoping that the results will improve.

Do you really want to mortgage your furniture and dip into your children's college fund for a copywriter who charges more per hour than what a average person earns in a month!

Well, it's a sad situation, but one cannot really blame them, because recent surveys have shown, that most Internet entrepreneurs think that copywriting is one of the most unimportant skills!

That's really great news because there is hardly any competition.

Do I still need to remind you how important acquiring the skill of writing copy is? I think not..

Here's The Problem (No One Will Ever Tell You) With Learning How To Write Million Dollar Web Copy...Revealed For The First Time!

Make no mistake my friend, learning how to write million dollar sales copy is a painstaking process. That's why only a select 'masochistic' few ever make it as great copywriters.

5 Solid Reasons Your Grandma Never Told You About Why Becoming A World Class Copywriter Is As Tough And Challenging As Becoming A Navy Seal!

1: Great copywriters need a great education

It's true. The amount of success a copywriter enjoys is directly proportionate to the size of his 'marketing library'. The best copywriters usually have the largest libraries. Most of them actually have a chronic obsession with the 'rare.. old stuff'. Why? I'll drop you a hint: "All the good stuff is in there.."

2: A great education does not come cheap

Needless to say, there is usually a huge price tag attached to something that is rare and out of print. Even the current 'stuff' that contains serious copywriting information can go into the thousands. You can't find all this information in commercial bookstores. As far as I'm concerned, the only 2 good books that you can find publicly are probably Dan Kennedy's Ultimate Sales Letter and Ted Nicholas' Magic Words That Bring You Riches!

Other than that, you can pretty much give up trying to find out the 'real work' on copywriting in bookstores because you won't find it. The 'real work' is too jealously hoarded and stowed away.. because it is enough to literally make one 'dangerous'...

3: Honing the Subconscious

Top World Class Copywriters have a highly trained subconscious mind, something which money simply cannot buy!

You too can have one, if you pay the price in blood.

They hone it by writing out winning 'controls' in longhand over and over again. Not typing, not reading, but literally writing it out by hand, until they can write the control word for word WITHOUT looking at it, literally becoming one with the copy.

Yup, it doesn't really take much except sitting down with pencil and paper writing the same freaking thing over and over again until you sweat huge drops of blood and tears just well up in your eyes and you cry out 'mommy' in exasperation!

This is what is known in Psycho Cybernetics as the synthetic experience, and is the effort worth it? Well, judging from the VERY few who are world class copywriters, I'd reckon it is.

Do you want to be a world class 'Persuader-In-Print' bad enough to pay the price?

4: Filling up that 'bag of tricks'

Every World Class Copywriter worth his salt has his own 'bag of tricks' to close the sale. As a Copywriter, one will probably be asked to sell almost anything and everything possible under the sun. Different products need different 'angles', and the success of a sales piece is just too critical to be left to chance

5: Sharpening That Axe

There's a saying: " If I have 8 hours to chop down a cherry tree, I'll spend 7 hours sharpening my axe!"

How true it is, when World Class Copywriters have to get their 'chops' polished in order to churn out copy with the 'Razor's Edge'.. copy that cuts to the heart of the matter like a double edged sword..

With all this in mind. I can literally hear you saying: " Dang.. so this copywriting thing is all a myth!"

Blowing The Lid Of The 'False' Copywriting Myth And Reducing It To a Good 'Ol Formula!

Yup, like playing the guitar or learning to swim, anyone with desire can learn the rudiments of good copywriting. Anyone willing to invest a little more extremely pleasurable time can become a master on the guitar, in swimming, or with copywriting in short order.

The truth of the matter is, you reap what you sow. How good you want to be at it, depends on how much you put into it.

The guitar will make you popular. Swimming will make you healthy. Copywriting will make you rich.

Do you want to be rich?

Copywriting can do that.

But what's the secret to writing copy? Is there really a 'secret' to copywriting? While you and I would like to believe that, there really isn't. Copywriting is a learnable, improvable skill.

Fact: Copywriting is formulaic.

Most people are of the errant opinion that advertising copy is lucky if it even generates lukewarm results. That doesn't have to be the case. There is a specific short cut to putting real teeth in your advertising copy and make it pay out exponentially.

Why Invent Mediocrity When You Can Model Success?

The truth cannot be any further than this...

See, you too can turn all your ads and sales letters into powerful cash generators - guaranteed!

. . . It's a no-brainer when you apply the proven short cut of the World's Foremost Direct Marketing Experts!

Yes, simply model success!

You can practically get a lifetime of Direct Response Test results without any of the work or expense!

The Formula At Work!

In John Caples' Tested Advertising Methods, he reveals... "In a print ad, 75% of the buying decisions are made at the headline alone."

This is the primary reason why many copywriters will not write a word of copy unless they have a good headline in place. It's not uncommon for top copywriters to come up with as a many as 100, or even 200 headlines for a single ad.

As you can imagine, coming up with even 10 headlines is a rather painstaking (though it pays great dividends), so it doesn't take a genius to discover that there is a formulaic shortcut involved.

Here's the shortcut revealed:

"They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano, But When I Started To Play..." becomes:

They Laughed  _____________

"How To Win Friends and Influence People!" becomes:

How To ______ and _________

"Do You Make These Mistakes In English?" becomes:

Do You  ___________________

See, when you use ready made 'customizable' copy, the copywriting angle will already be established!

* In Fact, Here Are 7 Additional Simple Tricks To Boost Your Headline's Impact

1. Use quote marks around your titles.

2. Don't use any end punctuation, unless it's a question mark or exclamation point.

3. When underlining, don't underline spaces or the final punctuation!

4. Both question and exclamation point endings are good.

5. Have someone proof-read your work before you send it out.

6. Avoid the clever and the curiosity headlines.

7. Keep your headlines to 17 words or less.

How much more successful do you think your copy will be when it's modeled after the world's most successful ads?

Caveat: "Modeling" is not really as simple as changing a word or two of a winning headline to customize it for your use. You have to dissect each headline thoroughly, identify the emotional essence that makes it so powerful, and then blend your unique copywriting angle with it.

Let Me Count The Ways You Can Get The Sale:

1. The how to headline

2. The free headline

3. The offer headline

4. The guarantee headline

5. The news headline

6. The numbered ways headline

7. The narrative headline

8. The engaging question   headline

9. The bold statement headline

10. The they're hiding something  from you headline

11. The insider secrets headline

12. The getting over on them headline

13. The make it hurt headline

14. The puttin? down the upper crust headline

15. The being practical headline

16. The easy promise headline

17. The embarrassment headline

18. The credentialed headline

19. The involvement headline

20. The accuse the claim of being too good headline

21. The ordinary person headline

22. The transfer of quality by association headline

23. The secrets of headline

24. The insider secrets headline

25. The challenge headline

26. The paradox headline

27. The remarkable claim headline

Can A Few Seemingly Insignificant Words Make Such a HUGE Difference To Your Bottom-line?

Case Study: The Infamous 'Headline Test

A headline 'test' was done for a diet product over a 3 month period, and the results were carefully tracked and recorded. All the sales material was identical save for the headlines.

Here are the headlines tested:

1. "Breakthrough New Diet Product!"

2. "A New Diet Revolution!"

3. "How A "Texas Housewife" Lost 23.5 Pounds In 32 Days!"

4. "Dieting Secrets Of A Desperate Housewife!"

A total of 165 sales were pulled, and here were the results:

Headline #1: 13 Sales (8% of total sales)

Headline #2: 8 Sales (5% of total sales)

Headline #3: 98 Sales (59% of total sales)

Headline #4: 46 Sales (28% of total sales)

As you can see, Headline #3 out-pulled Headline #2 by an astonishing 12 times! Yes, it really is as simple just changing and adding a few words.

As you can see, Headline #3 out-pulled Headline #2 by an astonishing 12 times! Yes, it really is as simple just changing and adding a few words.

But So What If You Have This Million Dollar Information At Your Fingertips?

Let's face it. I've just given you information that would probably have cost you thousands of dollars had you tried to figure it out by yourself.

While I might get flack from my colleagues from giving away such jealously hoarded information...I am not really afraid that I might be creating competition for myself.


Because people do not have problems with accessing information. The REAL problem people have, is implementation.

The truth is whenever we stumble across something new that needs us to widen our perspective,
invariably, our greatest challenge becomes overcoming our apathy and taking that new information we've just obtained, and implementing it.

People have implementation problems because they are either apathetic, or do not believe that they can do it. In many cases, it's a combination of both.

Some folks have the gap between information and implementation as wide as the Grand Canyon.

The most effective 'bridge' that I know, 'close in' the gap is having effective tools to help you make a smooth transition.

Why You Can Bridge The Gap Between Information and Implementation With My Amazing Million Dollar Web Copy System!

"How would you like to own a toolkit of surgical precision to help you effortlessly and painlessly make the transition from writing dead lifeless copy that won't sell S*** to earth moving copy that echoes like a resounding thunder clap and produces drop dead ridiculous results for all your marketing campaigns?"

Yes, owning this system is like being in possession of a veritable treasure-trove of ingenious "tricks of the trade".

These are the jealously guarded secrets master direct marketers use to vastly outperform their competition time and time again.

When you get this incredible system, you'll have everything you need to hit the ground running and start racking up staggering profits immediately.

Think about this for a minute: Imagine what it would be like to have the confidence of knowing your web marketing is as effective as possible. That it's letting you run circles around your competition.

How would you feel knowing you're one of a very limited few who can count on making HUGE profits with your web marketing rather than blowing major holes in your bank account?

How would you feel ramming truckloads of cash into your bank account passively when people are all caught up in the rat race and gasping for breath ? I know you'd feel great!

But here's the truth of the matter.. it does not matter how you can potentially feel, no matter what I tell you.

People just do not want someone to tell them how to do it -- the truth (and it does hurt sometime) is that people want it done for them!

That's why my Million Dollar Web Copy System has garnered such phenomenal rants and raves -- because, in it, I have turned the implementation of blockbuster proven systems into a 'push button' easy process...I've done almost up to 80% of all the work for you, reducing your copywriting time and strategizing time by 55 to 67%..this IS a "ready-to-go tool kit", and makes copywriting almost as easy as connecting the dots!

Plus, you'll get better results too!

Here's exactly what you get with my Million Dollar Web Copy System:

System Component #1: The Million Dollar Web Copy Audio Course

All you have to do is put on your earphones, and soak in all 19 parts of this moneymaking gold in convenient Mp3 format.

Almost like magic, you'll find it viscerally imprinted into you marketing consciousness, and before you know it, you're a Web Copy Ninja, spitting out dragon slayer headlines, killer bullets, alongside 'lethal' body copy working via pure stream of consciousness.

System Component #2: The Million Dollar Web Copy Course

This multi-part course acts like a Marketing Mind transfer in print.

No fat, no filler. Just the exact psychological weapons you need to need to churn out super sharp web copy that cuts like a ninja and slices like a razor blade.

Once you're armed with these weapons, you'll be able to engineer buying trances in your prospects as easily as flicking a switch, and hit all their 'hot buttons' with laser targeted accuracy.

No kidding, you'll be literally armed and so dangerous, that if discovered, you might be required to carry a weapons permit.

System Component #3: The Million Dollar Web Copy Assistant

This component makes you think accurately with laser-targeted focus before you even write a word of copy!

The ability to think accurately, is extremely important to the copywriting process. You need to have the right answers to your prospect's questions when they read your copy, and the only way you're ever going to have the right answers in the copy itself, is by asking yourself the right questions.

The right questions can help you ethically exploit the little understood psychology of Consumer Behavior.

Fact: You Won't Sell Anything To Anyone If You Do Not Have a Damn Good Answer To These Questions!

This simple process takes away the angst and blood boiling frustration associated with trying to come up with a winning 'angle' for your product or service! You no longer have to put up with cornea-tearing periods of 'dead time' staring at the computer screen.. and having 'brain-farts'.

This module, is the light that permeates the darkness in your mind and puts a permanent end to your writing woes!

Imagine.. in just a few short minutes .. you'll be able to:

  • Calibrate a complete demographic AND psychographic profile of your target prospect (This allows you to increase the psychological pulling power of your ad)

  • Gather enough marketing intelligence to know exactly which emotional hot buttons to push to get prospects to 'buy now'

  • Make your 'Unique Selling Proposition' materialize, as though from thin air.

  • Use your prospect's own predisposition to suck him/her into your offer like a vacuum cleaner on steroids..

  • Tease your prospect's mind with psychological seduction (yes.. copy can be sexy, without being sexually offensive)

  • Amplify the emotional volume of your sales proposition and crank up the sales!

  • Create psychological debt in the mind of your prospect and harness the unequivocal law of reciprocity to make them buy your product or service

  • Synthesize different psychological tactics to create your own double, or even triple whammy "combos" to double the effectiveness of your ads!

  • It doesn't matter what product or service you're selling. If you want to hit consistent homeruns with your marketing, this module will help you do just that!

This module picks you up and places you right in the driver's seat to unleash the floodgates for all the ideas you need for your Headlines, Pre-emptive Advantage, Offers, Benefits, Objections, Justification, Guarantees, Closers to produce what matters most- Results!

System Component #4: The Million Dollar Web Copy Goldmine

Possibly the most valuable component in the entire piece of system You'll be able to put words together like a stealthy "copywriting ninja," that will make your prospect submit unquestioningly to whatever you propose.

You'll get:

559 Profit Pulling Headlines you can plug into any sales letter. (It barely requires an accompanying strain of thought whatsoever)

You'll be able to literally "grab" your prospects by the eyeballs and 'glue' them to your copy!

This is, however, just the primary benefit. The secondary benefit, is how these headlines literally ignite your 'creativity' and detonates your subconscious to make your copy 'explode' into being!

It's like having a non-stop factory of sizzling angles at your fingertips.

The use of headlines is not limited to just the sales letter on your website. You can use them for your:

1: Signature files

2: Banner Ads

3: Discussion Board Headers

4: Titles/subtitles of Articles

5: Email subject lines

Warning! You Should Seriously Reconsider Using Any Headline If It Does Not Meet The Following Criteria

  • Telegraphs a very strong primary benefit. (It's not uncommon to have multiple ancillary benefits)

  • Evokes curiosity (Does it make you want to read beyond the headline to find out the 'juicy' details?)

  • Is devoid of convolution, and can be easily understood by an eleven year old.

  • Can stand alone (Basically it means that it is capable of evoking a response from a prospect even if they read nothing else in the copy)

  • Sums up the primary 'Sales Pitch' (If you were selling over the phone, it'll be the first 'selling statement' you make)

67 Super Hot Subheads/Supra-heads

Subheads and Supra-heads provide a virtually effortless way to instantly double/triple the effectiveness of any existing Headline.

A Supra-head is an introductory line that helps to set the scene for the major headline to follow through on. A sub-head, as it implies, using the same prefix as in the word, submarine, which goes under (sub) the water (marine), goes under the main headline.

While the "headline," or what we see as the biggest and the boldest, carries the greatest weight the supra and the sub heads allow you to give greater impact to your headline "message."

154 Brain Busting Openers

Ironically, most copywriters face a bigger problem after having painstakingly composed 100 headlines, and assembling a great headline complex.

Yup.. they do not know how to begin the first darn sentence. It certainly takes quite a fair bit of warming up and 'thrashing' of first paragraphs before the juices start to flow.

And as surprising as it is.. it might be coming up with something as simple as "I give up!" to set the angle for the sales letter!

5 excruciating hours pulling out your hair trying to figure out 3 simple words? (I've been there.. done that!)

This doesn't have to happen to you if you know the secret.

Here's the secret, but don't underestimate it because it is simple. It works!

The Secret: You want to think along the same lines for your first sentence as you do for your headline. Your first sentence is your second headline... And consider your second sentence more or less as your third headline... Until you've got them hooked. Then you can get slightly more wordy.

Or, if you have the Million Dollar Web Copy System, you can simply choose out of 154 different openers, point, click, and have one all ready to be adapted to your killer sales letter. Nothing could be easier!

39 Awe Inspiring Credibility Builders

One of the first few questions that you need to answer on behalf of your prospect in writing your copy is " Yeah...who the hell are you, why should I listen to you, believe what you say...and at the end of the what?"

Regardless of geographical location, people everywhere are skeptical, and with good reason. Nearly everything we've been taught had been dead wrong, and nearly everything we believed in has been proven to be untrustworthy. Why should anyone believe you?

Here's a simple 3 step strategy you can use to instantly 'disarm' your reader:

1: Tell the truth - Yup, it's that simple. You don't need to combat ethical issues, nor does your morality come into questioning when you tell the truth, plus you sleep better too!

2: Prove it - Proof is one of the best devices one can use to obliterate the competition and to shut up the "skeptic" within any prospect. When you can prove what you say with cold hard figures and documents and no one else is doing that, you have a definite edge by being the one who puts the money where his/her mouth is. After all, talk is not cheap. It's free! In fact, before you tell the world what you're gonna do, first show it!  Provide preponderance of proof!

3: Up your believability index - Use credibility builders to enhance your presentation of the facts and gain the trust of your prospects instantly!

A key concept is to understand that believability and the truth are not necessarily the same thing. One can tell the truth in a totally unbelievable fashion, or one could not necessarily be telling the truth, and be completely believable!

You need to tell the truth, prove what you're telling is the truth, and you need to be believable! Credibility builders help you do just that!

457 Connectors

If you've been reading up to here, then you'll realize that you've been reading quite a lot of copy and quite frankly, that was my primary intention.. to have you keep reading.. and reading. You see, you can't deliver a sales pitch in print, if it doesn't get read!

To quote Ted Nicholas:

" Copy can never be too long, only too boring!"

Connectors make your copy seamless, so that you'll never get caught 'mumbling'. When your reader catches you 'mumbling', and you bore him for an instant, you'll lose the sale. Period!

Picture in your mind.. writing a sales letter in which your prospect actually needs to make a concentrated effort to stop reading?

You have 457 Connectors to help you do just that!

578 Bullets

Bullets are by far my favorite way of getting my sales message across. It is in my opinion, probably the most effective, as well.

Bullets are:

'Don't make me think' compliant. (You hardly need to bother about grammar when you're just writing a short opposed to complete paragraphs!)

The cleanest possible display of "reasons to buy" for any product or service

Great for making an emotional appeal to the prospect

Very often, responsible for clinching the sale!

It's true. Because we do not know *exactly* what the prospect is looking for (even though we do have a very good idea), we need to present every possible benefit a product has in as clear a way as possible to cover every possible "angle". Something we deem as inconsequential might *just* be all the 'prod' you need to give to your prospect's hot button to get them to buy now!

50 Guarantees

How many times have you been 'burnt' by products that are nothing but a piece of crap! Are you more wary in your purchasing decisions nowadays?

Well. guess what?

So are your prospects!

I do not claim to be in any position to be a judge on ethics, but if you're gonna be selling crap that doesn't work or you want to scam honest hardworking people, I suggest you click the exit button right now, because this system is just not for you.

But on the other hand, if you do have a high quality product that you wish to sell, that genuinely provides value and enhances people's lives, then there is no conceivable reason why you should be afraid to offer a money-back guarantee.

It's not rocket science when you figure out that a strong guarantee actually bumps response because it reflects how far you stand behind your product.

Sure, there are always the 'rip-off' guys.. but we all know who they are.. and besides... you can always make your guarantee conditional to protect yourself within reasonable limits.

Bottom-line: If the only 'Guarantee vocabulary' you have in your copywriting bag of tricks is "Iron-Clad Guarantee", then I think you'll find this VERY useful indeed..

105 Closers

This is probably where you'll find this software invaluable. When you're composing a "close" in a sales letter, you're getting your prospect to take action.

It's the defining moment where he/she decides whether or not to whip out his/her credit card to buy now.

Do your words have the power to give your prospect that 'final nudge'?

There are 2 very powerful forces combining and working against you.

Inertia and Sloth.

Scientifically, inertia can be explained as the principle that a body at rest, stays at rest, unless acted upon by an external force.

Does your close provide that 'external force'?

Heck some people can't even be bothered to turn to the next page when they read a sales letter.

Why do you see so many " Go to the next page" instructions in so many million dollar sales letters? Top copywriters simply cannot overestimate the drive and motivation a prospect has!

The "close" is usually where even the top offline salesmen chicken out.

As Zig Ziglar puts it: " Timid Salesmen have skinny kids!"

You want the sale? Ask for it! Or are you too chicken?

You'll never have to face that problem again.. with over 105 closers at your disposal..

144 PS's

For some strange reason, if there are only 2 things your prospect reads in your copy, it's gonna be your headline and your PS.

This is even more so when we're dealing with web copy, because people online 'scan'. So, having a compelling PS is just as important as your headline! Many top copywriters consider it to be a second headline!

Here are just a few little known ways to use a PS:

  • Drive the reader back into the copy

  • Emphasize the scarcity of the product and urgency of taking action

  • Divulge an 'secret'  unannounced bonus

  • Highlight a compelling benefit

  • Throw in an extra bonus

  • Throw in an extra testimonial

  • Compare apples with oranges

  • Rationalize a emotional sales pitch with a logical reason to act now

You can choose from 144 different PS's to select the ones that best serve your purpose.

As you can tell, even if you're lazy and not too motivated, it's impossible to fail because the material in Killer Web Copy is literally plug and play!

System Component #5: The "Knock 'em Dead" Checklist

Don't even think of running any ad without this confidential checklist. It could possibly be the 'one thing' that determines whether your ad is a winner or a dud.

Why is this checklist so powerful? Because it is based on the 'secret' material of one of the greatest direct response copywriters who ever walked the face of this planet. (You'll know his name immediately..)

You'll never run an ad without this checklist anymore, and the Million Dollar Web Copy System automatically helps you to tally up your 'score' to determine if your ad needs to be revamped.

With this checklist, increased response to your ad is virtually guaranteed!

In fact, I'm sure if you take your 'losers' and run them through the checklist, you'll be able to isolate all the 'problem' areas, and places where you've strayed.

'Remaking' ads becomes a breeze!

This component is simply invaluable!

At this point... I can literally hear your mind speaking.." That's all good, but what's it gonna cost me?"


Can You Attach a Price Tag To Financial Freedom?

I think not.

But I do know that my Million Dollar Web Copy System can be your one way ticket, first class!

First class tickets don't come cheap. While $997 would be an extremely reasonable price tag for the software, I do realize that it is not exactly a painless drop in the bucket for most folks.

So you can...

You do realize however, that the Million Dollar Web Copy System is not a box of manuals or tapes to look at and listen, that, after all is said and done, can't do anything by gather dust on a bookshelf or in a closet.

It's your ticket to making huge and automatic profits fast!

In fact, each component in this System is valuable enough to justify the entire price!

Maybe you gulped when you saw what your investment entailed, and you're now desperately trying to catch your breath. It could mean a great financial strain if you were to own this system.

If this describes you, then I would tell you seriously, that more than anyone else, you need this system.

Here's a direct quote from Jim Rohn:

I used to say, "Things cost too much." Then my teacher straightened me out on that by saying, "The problem isn't that things cost too much. The problem is that you can't afford it." That's when I finally understood that the problem wasn't "it" - the problem was "me."

Who Should Use My Million Dollar Web Copy System?

Specifically, this system is built for anyone who is seriously interested in marketing online. It doesn't matter how long you've been online.

The key is, how serious are you? Do you desire to get on the bus?

If you are a newbie, but you're serious about Internet Marketing, then big, giant, all-encompassing resource that will absolutely astound and amaze you. I sincerely believe with every fiber of my being that there is nothing out there that is a better short-cut to being able to write Million Dollar Web Copy.

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It's not uncommon in cases like this to get really wonderful results even if you only know some of the 'nuts and bolts' of direct-response.

You're Guaranteed To Write More Profitable, Powerful And Compelling Copy...

Let's get down to brass tacks shall we?

I think it's imperative that you understand that the Million Dollar Web Copy System is not a miracle cure for a marketing campaign, or a crappy web page.

I have no control over how you use the software, the sales letters you compose, it's content, where you're gonna advertise, who you're advertising to, and what sort of products you're marketing.

The bottom line is: different people, get different results!

Despite my best efforts to make the Million Dollar Web Copy System as close to being 'cookie-cutter' as possible, I still cannot guarantee your success, or for that matter, that you'll even earn a dime. I don't know you personally.

How can I do that?

Any guarantee of that sort is a blatant farce. Flee when you see that kind of guarantee! Run like the wind! It's a scam!

Forget all the triple guarantees, take it to the bank.. every grandmother's story type of guarantee that every mother's son has promised you!

You've already come this far. You MUST be seriously interested in all the benefits that my Million Dollar Web Copy System Can provide, so there's no need for me to play any 'games' with you, or to reach into my 'bag of tricks' to impress you with my skills of writing a guarantee.

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The truth is...

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Think about it logically and rationally: Why spend countless hours trying to come up with so-so bland, lukewarm copy that may or may not work -- when you have the 'marketing weapons' right at your fingertips, ready to launch an all out assault when you say 'go'?

Sure, you can spend time, money and effort getting onto the best mailing lists around, (certain lists require you to spend at least $500 and above) and attending seminars (usually above $1000 per pop.. if it's a good one) and buying 'how to' books and tapes to build up your own "weaponry".

That's VERY possible...

But ask yourself this: Do you REALLY have to do that when there is a better way?

Can I Take A Moment To Pull You Aside For Some Straight Blunt Talk?

Each single waking moment that passes while you operate without the Million Dollar Web Copy System at your disposal, is a moment you work harder than necessary, and are cheating yourself of profits you could have been making.

All this accumulates.

When you're not earning as much as you should be earning, it's costing YOU. Yes, you suffer the full effect of the 'opportunity cost!'.

I might also add that over time, such an 'effect' will eventually manifest itself and 'bite you in yer ass' and explode in your face like a defective landmine.

Mark my words, you might think I'm exaggerating or trying to use unscrupulous 'scare tactics'. I'm not. I don't need to, and I'm simply telling you as it is.

I'll still be eating my steak, and going about my daily business and hitting my financial goals with absolute certainty whether you buy my software or not.

Yes, copywriting has been good to me. However, it will take it's toll on you because you'll ALWAYS be working harder than you really need to.

I know it sounds kind of harsh, but I think you'll agree that it's true.

I mean...

Have you ever lost your wallet? Big deal. You can buy a new wallet, and earn back the money that you lost.

But when you lose time, you will never get it back.

Think about it...if you're not earning as much as you SHOULD, then you're actually delaying and depriving yourself of the added financial leverage you could be enjoying!

It's your clock that is ticking, not mine, so I suggest you Act Now!

Remember, you DO have a choice!

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Jo Han Mok
CEO, Internet Millionaire Makers

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